Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two apartments, same house! Yard, renovated- and potentially for sale.

Both apartments were renovated last year, which included painting everything, and all new floors.
The backyard has an entrance from the apartment, and is shared with the downstairs neighbor.
The apartment is on a busline, so no car = no problem!

Each apartment has two bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, and a living room. The heating system currently is gas space heat.

These are both apartments in the two family home- so have friends that you want to live with? Or family- you take the upstairs home, they take the downstairs home? If you take both apartments, receive a discount!
Either apartment is $635/month plus, or take both for $1200/month.
Or do you wish to build equity instead? Why not buy the home for $60,000, rent one of the units, and live in the other? With the rental income from one unit, your monthly costs will be cheaper than they would by simply renting.

These pictures do not do it justice, as they were taken from a cellphone- please call:
518-330-6340 and have a look in person.
We also have a less expensive one bedroom available, and a slightly more expensive two bedroom- please see the bottom of this post.

$635 plus security, utilities.
Want a less expensive one bedroom? We have a one bedroom near RPI for $575!
Click below to see it-
One Bedroom with Hardwood Floors Near RPI

We also have an excellent two bedroom apartment near RPI, please click below to see it:

Two bedroom apartment steps from RPI